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AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.11.5

AMD has released new drivers today. Grab them here

Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.11.5 Highlights

Support For:

    • Watch Dogs®2

New AMD CrossFire profile added for DirectX® 11:

    • Dishonored™2

Fixed Issues

    • The Division™ game world may flicker during game play when using AMD CrossFire technology.
    • Battlefield™1 flickering may be experienced while using AMD CrossFire technology mode.

Cooler Master Liquid Pro 280 review

“Several years ago, water cooling was limited to high-end custom builds that enthusiasts with deep pockets would show off at all the tech shows. Remember the first time you saw a water cooling system on a computer? Talk about the “wow!” factor. I remember when I first saw one, and I remember thinking that one day I would have one whether I needed one or not. Since the beginning of the PC, air coolers dominated the PC market for the average Joe, but eventually CPUs became more powerful and generated more heat. Overclockers pushed CPUs even further, and a few system builders began to experiment with their own custom water cooling. Manufacturers caught on to the trend and took advantage of this new type of cooling method and developed the compact and afforable AIO or All-in-One systems. This took the guess work out of water cooling and allowed the average builder to enjoy the benefits (and bragging rights) of water cooling. Cost has come down and pretty much stabilized, and reliability has improved over the years. I think it is safe to say that liquid cooling is here to stay.”

Check out the full review here

Rx-480 in depth look

Hey everyone. I haven’t posted to many updates as of late, but that is about to change.  I wanted to get my hands on a RX-480 and play around, so I did exactly that.  Sadly I don’t have to many video cards to compare it with on hand.  However, I do have an XFX R9-290 DD under water for comparison.  Now that wouldn’t be a fair comparison since one card is water cooled and the other is not.  I decided to go ahead and buy a water block for the RX-480.  That’s another question I plan on answering is water cooling the Rx-480 worth it?  Also if you are a current Hawaii gpu owner is the Rx-480 a worthwhile upgrade or side grade. Stay tuned I will have the review published by this time next week. Teaser shot of the Asus Rx-480 I picked up for these tests.


Titan X Performance: PCI-E 3.0 x8 vs x16

Have you actually ever wondered how much of an effect going from a  8x wide PCI-Express lane to a X16 wide PCI-Express lane makes with the fastest graphics card currently on the market?  Well then look no more, Puget systems has released their tests showing exactly that!

“A number of years ago, we published the article “Impact of PCI-E Speed on Gaming Performance” investigating whether you would see a difference between a video card in a PCI-E 3.0 x8 slot versus one in a x16 slot. At the time, we found that even the fastest video card available had nearly identical performance whether it was running at x8 or x16.”

Click Here to Read the Full Article.

Building ‘Star Wars’ in Unreal Engine 4

So what happens when you have a bunch of Star Wars fans that are Pc gamers?

“We’ve had the pleasure of talking with Jason Lewis about his team’s most recent Unreal Engine 4 scene, which features some of the most realistic real-time rendering of Star Wars-themed assets. It’s an astonishing project, which you can actually download and play on your PC. We’ve talked about the choice of tools, the production pipiline, the lighting, textures and of course the use of UE4. Staggering work!”

Check out some of the work here.

Alphacool Eisbaer 240 CPU AIO Cooler Review

The folks over at Hardocp have posted a review of this new All in one water cooler. Is it worth your hard earned dollars?

“The “Eisbaer,” or “Ice Bear” as I like to say, is an hybrid all-in-one (AIO) CPU water cooling unit that features a quick connect fitting allowing future expansion of the cooling loop. It has all the features you’d expect from a modern AIO like a copper radiator with a dense array of fins and a water block with micro channels for increased heat dispersion. On paper, the Eisbaer has the making of a top tier cooler and that certainly has us interested. But we’ve been interested before by what’s on paper and let down. Let’s hope Alphacool can add some substance to all these specs.”

Click here to Read the Full review.