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Fallout 4 Beta Update!

Hey all, been awhile since the last update. I had planned on going to a new layout before uploading content. Scratch that plan site will be updated more often now with news from the industry. I will update the layout once I am finished getting everything to work properly. Anyway for the first update in awhile. Bethesda has released a beta update for the PC version of Fallout 4. You can download this update via steam by right clicking on Fallout 4, then clicking properties, go to the betas tab, Select Beta 1.3. Steam will download a 96mb file or so and you will now see a new graphics setting HBAO+!! I experienced a glitch that caused my hud to go away, so your mileage may vary. The new graphic setting does bump up image quality by a noticeable amount. Below is a comparison shot. HBAO+ is used in the photo without the hud. You see a few extra bricks the water shading has improved etc.




Well it has been a long road in development of the site. I am glad to announce that the site will be live in the next few weeks. So perhaps the next time you check back the word press template will be gone and the new custom design will  be live!!

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We are live. If you are visiting please remember to check back at a later time to see the sites progress. We plan to offer news and reviews of the latest game titles, and computer hardware. We are focused on the PC gaming market. We strive to prevent you from purchasing bad buggy games with horrible game play or lack buster graphics (and yes I said lack buster!). You will keep you up-to-date with all computer hardware to allow your games to run at their optimal settings.