Direct X 12 vs Direct X 11 in Ashes of Singularity Beta

Welcome, today we are looking at the difference between two different API’s in the game Ashes of Singularity. Ashes of Singularity is a next generation real time strategy game.  This game supports both Direct X 12 and Direct X 11. Direct X 12 is only available to those running Windows 10 and have a Direct X 12 compatible GPU.

Test Setup:

CPU: AMD FX 8320@4.9ghz

Motherboard: Asrock Extreme 9

Ram: Team Xtreme DDR 3 2400mhz 8gbx2(16gb) (10-11-10-32-1T)

GPU: XFX R9-290 DD @ 1125mhz core/ 1500mhz memory

HDD: Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 120gb SSD , OCZ Vector 256gb SSD, and  2x Seagate 2tb ST2000DX001

Driver: AMD Driver Packaging Version

Benchmark: In game benchmark

First Up Direct X 11


Now for Direct X 12


Well holy smokes Direct X 12 doubled the average framerate.  Built into the benchmark you can see the driver overhead. Direct X 11 struggles with driver overhead, and it also looks like the CPU performance is handicapped with this API.

So let’s dive into Cpu performance a little more. Below is a chart based on core scaling in both Direct X 11, and Direct X 12.  Does Direct X 12 allow more cpu cores to be used? This is achieved by disabling cores in the bios. The base clock speed will remain the same.

score scaling



Clearly the API advantage of Direct X 12 shows. With only 2 cores enabled in bios Direct X 12 outperforms Direct X 11 with 8 cores by around 31%.  Overall it looks like the game scales up to 4 cores in both Direct X 11 and 12.


Game performance on my platform is vastly superior in Direct X 12. I mean anytime you double your performance without a hardware upgrade is remarkable. Remember this is the same game, same settings, the only change in the game was booting the game in Direct X 11 or Direct X 12.  This clearly demonstrates just how limiting past API’s have been. Direct X 12 is the future and the future looks bright for PC gamers.


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