Anandtech posts first Vulkan Benchmarks.

Following yesterday’s hard launch of Vulkan 1.0 – drivers, development tools, and the rest of the works – also released alongside Vulkan was the first game with Vulkan rendering support, The Talos Principle. Developer Croteam has a history of supporting multiple rendering paths with their engines, and the 2014 puzzle-em-up is no different, supporting DirectX 9, DirectX 11, and OpenGL depending on which platform it’s being run on. Now with Vulkan’s release Croteam has gone one step further, implementing early Vulkan support in a beta build of the game.

Performance wasn’t as good as the Direct X 11 code path, but remember this is a beta.To read the full article click here.

Vulkan now official, with 1.0 API release and AMD driver (Updated)

Vulkan is official now.

After missing its planned release date last year, the Khronos Group has released version 1.0 of the Vulkan API specification, the next-generation version of OpenGL. Initially based on AMD’s proprietary Mantle API, Vulkan (previously known as GLNext) is an open-source, cross-platform low-overhead API that promises huge performance gains in 3D applications by giving developers low-level control of graphics and CPU hardware, much in the same way that games consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One do.

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AMD has their own recommended CPUs for VR

It seems that the Oculus website doesn’t quite agree with AMD’s current lineup of CPU’s, and won’t certify you as having a VR ready PC if you happen to have one, either. Now, it’s well known, and not refuted by any means, that the performance is certainly not on par with Intel’s current generation (and last generation) of CPU’s, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to provide a good VR experience, either. So AMD has released their own list of VR ready processors so that AMD owners, and fans, aren’t left out.

Head over to Tweaktown to read more here 

First Direct X 12 Benchmark

Today I broke a personal milestone and completed my first Direct X 12 benchmark. I purchased the Ashes of Singularity  Beta on Steam and I was off to the races with Benchmarks. Trying to find my highest playable settings, before I dive into the single player campaign.  This benchmark is the first for me, and I plan on releasing a article in the near future explaining the differences between Direct X 11 and Direct X 12 in this game title.   first dx12 bench1

Computer Spec?

So recently I’ve been asked what sort of computer I am using, aka what my battle box is so here are the current specs. It’s not the world’s fastest computer nor even close to it, but manages to run whatever I throw at it @ 1080p. 4k not so much in most games, I prefer the nice smooth framerate of 1080p usually.

CPU: AMD FX 8320@5ghz

Motherboard: Asrock Extreme 9

Ram: Team Xtreme DDR 3 2400mhz 8gbx2 (10-11-10-32-1T)

GPU: XFX R9-290 DD @ 1200mhz core/ 1500mhz memory

HDD: Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 120gb SSD , OCZ Vector 256gb SSD, and  2x Seagate 2tb ST2000DX001

Monitor: Primary: Samsung UE590 UHD 4k, Secondary: Sceptre 24″ 1080p

Mouse: Logitech G500

Keyboard: Func KB 460 mechanical keyboard with cherry mx keys

Cooling: Water cooled, XSPC RX 240mm radiator, Alphacool XT45 280mm radiator, EK supremacy evo cpu water block, Ek R9-290 water block, XSPC rev4 750lph pump/ reservoir

Case: Fractal Design Arc Midi


AMD releases new statement on Zen

AMD has stated that Zen will have a “greater than 40%” IPC improvement, hinting that Zen has performed better than expected. A new CPU design that will “win momentum” in both the commercial and datacenter markets. Below are some pictures of what to expect with Zen. No numbers have been released, but people in the computer enthusiast community are mentioning q4 2016 as a possible release date.


Fallout 4 Beta Update!

Hey all, been awhile since the last update. I had planned on going to a new layout before uploading content. Scratch that plan site will be updated more often now with news from the industry. I will update the layout once I am finished getting everything to work properly. Anyway for the first update in awhile. Bethesda has released a beta update for the PC version of Fallout 4. You can download this update via steam by right clicking on Fallout 4, then clicking properties, go to the betas tab, Select Beta 1.3. Steam will download a 96mb file or so and you will now see a new graphics setting HBAO+!! I experienced a glitch that caused my hud to go away, so your mileage may vary. The new graphic setting does bump up image quality by a noticeable amount. Below is a comparison shot. HBAO+ is used in the photo without the hud. You see a few extra bricks the water shading has improved etc.




Well it has been a long road in development of the site. I am glad to announce that the site will be live in the next few weeks. So perhaps the next time you check back the word press template will be gone and the new custom design will  be live!!

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